Monday, February 28, 2005

Opening Arguments

Both sides laid their cases out today for the jury in the Michael Jackson trial. A few things I found notable:

Reports say that MJ fidgeted, picked at his nails, and rolled his eyes during the prosecution presentation. This behavior isn't going to play well to the jury. It makes MJ come off as jeuvenile and unwilling to take responsibility for his actions. Makes him less credible.

The defense sounds like they might really be reaching on their case. Could be interesting. They're going to play the celebrity angle while the prosecution is going to try to keep it simple.

The jury is going to have to be adept at sorting out the charges as they hear testimony. There are 10 felony counts in there including molestation, attempted molestation, child endangerment as well as the alcohol, imprisonment, and conspiracy charges.

For daily real time coverage, check the Smoking Gun. Links to today's coverage gives an update every 10 minutes their in court.


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