Monday, February 28, 2005

Of Interest in Blogland

Limon by Laura Lemay has a great pointer to Bob Bergman's Dakar Diary. Very cool first hand account of the Dakar Rally.

Terrific media gossip especially for the magazine and New York media scene over at Gawker -- including the latest on Radar's relaunch, the "padded" Swimsuit issue, and Defamer's live blog coverage of Oscar night.

At About Politics, they have details on flamingo flocking, possibly my most favorite new fundraising idea.

The Indiana state house and senate are running up against deadlines for bills to be passed out of each respective house by end of day Tuesday. As always, Doug Masson has the roundup of what's coming up, including HB1034 (DST) and it's chances of passing today or tomorrow.

And scroll down to entries from last Friday and Saturday and the Erudite Redneck discusses blogging and its potential for freedom of expression, especially for people like Amarji in places like Damascus.


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