Friday, February 25, 2005

HB 1034 Vote Delayed

Vote was delayed Thursday on HB 1034 -- the bill that could bring Indiana into the 20th century by allowing us to observe daylight savings time. Two key supporters were absent even though others (including House speaker Brian Bosma) braved illness to attend. The bill's sponsor decided to risk the weekend and bring it to the floor for a vote early next week, but there is still a chance that this bill will not pass the Indiana House. The Indianapolis Star reports that if the bill isn't voted on by Tuesday, it's nominally dead for this session. So, today or Monday, call your representative. Write their offices and tell them that you want them to vote for this bill. (I just emailed Greg Porter's office.) I truly believe the most vocal opponents to this bill are in the minority, especially in Marion county where most of our state representatives are Democrats. So it's worth everyone's time today to give a call or email to their state representative's office.

To find your House District number, use this page.
To confirm that you're in the specific district you selected, use this page.
To find your representative by district, use this page.

For those of us in Marion County:
District 86: Contact David Orentlichter
District 96: Contact Greg Porter
District 98: Contact William Crawford
District 99: Contact Vanessa Summers


At Fri Feb 25, 11:33:00 AM, Blogger Doug said...

Rep. Torr is playing a dangerous game, I think. If he didn't have the votes yet, I guess he had no choice, but letting your bill run up against a deadline is always dicey business because there is the chance some other controversial bill will tie things up, leading to the death of bills everyone likes perfectly well. Probably not an issue in a one-party town, but if a few Republican legislators have heart attacks over the weekend, the quorum rules could get interesting. (Not that that's likely, but I think one legislator or another has a heart attack pretty much every long session.)


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