Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dick Morris' Pipe Dream

Dick Morris is on crack again. His logic demonstrates how out of touch some Democratic PO's still are. I have no doubt that Hillary will run for 2008. I have a little more doubt that she'll win the nomination. But Morris has overestimated how ready middle American voters are for a female President. Seriously. No one likes to admit it, but your average, Republican, 65-year-old or older guy (and a lot of women, too) doesn't think we're ready for a woman in the White House. And while I would say "Hey, if anyone can do it, Hilary can," most Republicans would say "Absolutely not." And these voters are definitely not ready for Condi Rice. In his segment breakdowns, Morris has also overestimated how single woman would vote as well as the conservative right. The issue is the Republican nominee. Most solid voting blocks who rolled out en masse to vote against Kerry, will roll out to vote against Hilary. As if there was any real chance at all that Condi could get the GOP nomination.

From a political standpoint, a Condi v. Hil race would be pretty cool, but as much as I'd love to envision the pipe dream, I think I'll just leave Dick Morris to what he's already smoking. Maybe he's just looking for a hot, hair-pulling girl fight.


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