Friday, January 13, 2006

An Interesting Day in Indiana

5:05 a.m. Ka-Booom! Whoosh! I love the way it rains here. A huge burst of rainfall is always preceded by an enormous thunderclap, as if some giant up there thinks it's cosmically hilarious to startle us all out of our third story dormer bedrooms with a giant BOOM! which somehow causes all the water in a 10-square-mile area to fall from the sky. Plus, you know, thunderstorms in January are kinda odd.

State GOP Chair Steps Down: I'm sure there's a story behind the story here, but Inside Indiana Business is reporting this a.m. that Jim Kittle is stepping down as chair of the state Republican party. The Governor and Kittle are expected to name a new chair at a news conference this afternoon.

There's A New Blog in Town: 11 a.m. Air Raid provides the pointer to one of the newest Indiana blogs, Foursquare No. 266, based in Irvington (and welcome to their Little Bean.)

Deer Barges Into Video Store, Stops in Drama Section: Once again I realize I'm a little in love with the guy who writes the headlines at I mean, what could the deer want? Was he in the mood for Al Pachino? Or Meryl Streep? Maybe deer in Evansville are more sensitive than, say, in Carmel, where I'm sure he would have stopped in the Action section. Evansville police says the young deer was last seen headed south "leaping over cars". Hmmmm.

It's Weirder in Florida: And just so we know Indiana isn't alone, in Florida, a family is suing Benihana's (of fast-chopping chef and flying food fame) for wrongful death. They're claiming that the 43-year-old man had to duck a flying shrimp. Which caused a painful neck injury. Which meant he had to have surgery. And he died from complications of the surgery, possibly an infection. The family wants $10 million. The chain says "Hey, we have flying food. It's what we're known for."


At Fri Jan 13, 09:12:00 AM, Blogger Jason266 said...

Thanks for the mention braingirl! And for the well wishes for the little bean.

You're right about the storm this morning. I'm used to lighting and thunder waking me up on a spring or summer morning. But not in January. It made walking my dogs this morning a pain in the rump.

At Fri Jan 13, 09:25:00 AM, Blogger torporific said...

It HAD to be hailing this morning. It sounded like rocks were hitting our window.


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