Thursday, December 29, 2005

An Indiana News Day

If I were a news editor in Indiana, there would be days I just couldn't resist making fun. This would be one of those days. I'm horrible and mean to make light of others' misfortunes, so some day, I'm sure my karmic retribution means I'll be one of those people who slips, falls, and drowns in a vat of beer on a brewery tour. That, or I have a secret love-connection with the night editor at

And Pick Up Some Glade, too: Two trucks collide on I-65 causing a liquid soap spill that closes the interstate. One person injured, but clean.

Sorry, Honey! In Gary, an auxiliary police officer shot at a charging pit bull and accidentally shot her fiance in the leg instead. She has been suspended for "retraining".

Girl Injured in Fork Incident: An Indianapolis 11-year-old is in the hospital after her 10-year old brother accidentally stuck her in the head with a flying barbecue fork. Ouch. Poor kids. The sister is in critical condition at Methodist.

House Speaker Stung in Judicial Shocker: In the "you didn't have to be a political operative to see this one coming" department, Federal judge David Hamilton says "no" to House Speaker Bosma's request he change his mind banning Jesus from House prayers. Bosma branded an idiot for asking.


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