Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day of Miscellany

What's Up at the State House? Attorney (and fellow WeLL denizen) Doug Masson is doing a great job recapping bills as they're scheduled and move through committee. So far it's pretty good news. Looks like intelligent design is DOA in Indiana this session. Thanks, Doug for the great work! (As he notes, he doesn't get paid for this and I'm amazed and impressed by the time these bloggers, especially the law bloggers, put in to keep the rest of us up-to-date.)

How to Keep Up? I've been using bloglines now for a couple of months and like it. It's a website instead of a software aggregator which is both good and bad, but it makes it easy to add and remove blogs you want to track. And it provides a good way to work through all the blogs you want to keep up with by seeing their new posts day-to-day.

How's This for Miscellany? My big non-work related goal today? To take my favorite wool overcoat to the tailor for a new lining. (The old one is shabby and really starting to get embarrassing. I'm supposed to be a bootstrapping entrepreneur but a tacky, unraveling business coat is starting to get pretty ridiculous.) Plus, I need to take two pairs of shoes to Kimmel's for repair. Oh, and drop off the dry cleaning. This, of course, means I'll have to venture north of 38th St which is getting increasingly hard for me as I become an entrenched downtowner. I may even have to go all the way to ... don't swoon... Fishers!


At Wed Jan 11, 08:50:00 AM, Blogger Amy said...

If you only knew how much I annoy Doug by putting kids in his lap while he's blogging!

At Wed Jan 11, 05:01:00 PM, Anonymous braingirl said...

Heh -- ahhh, Soon they'll want to know who all these invisible people in daddy's computer are!


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