Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hello, Moto!

It's geek love. My new phone? A Motorola RAZR Vc3. I'm pretty impressed with the video -- wow, I mean, I understand now why they sell TV for phones. The price of my plan actually went down (can you believe it?) so, of course, I made up for it by subscribing to VCast, Verizon's video subscription service. But in the meantime, I'm just playing with the contact-specific ringtones and speakerphone. And the Bluetooth. And the pretty moving video camera.

My favorite feature so far? The voice recognition that calls, texts, looks up and emails contacts without you having to pre-program or pre-record them. So, you just say "Call Kim Cell" if that's how you have the contact listed and up it comes. Pretty cool since I used to have to scroll down a list of 100 contacts while driving. Also, it has changed the contact listing to be more similar to a PDA -- so can consolidate multiple numbers for each person in one listing. If you look them up by voice, it asks you which number you want.

Plus, the RAZR just plain looks cool. (Hey, I warned you, it was geeeeeeky love.)


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