Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Home from the Holidays

I am back and blogging again! Based on the number of folks who slowed down their posts last week, I don't feel bad for taking a little hiatus. I suspect this week will be a bit busier: lots of year end round ups and bored people stuck at home on vacation. But not me! I'm back from a short trip and working on a book all week. Most all of my friends are out of town, and I don't have a single appointment until Saturday! The week is full of possibilities!

Here are a few things still on my end of year "to-do" list:

*Brokeback Mountain. Unfortunately, not showing here yet. It wasn't showing in Oklahoma City either (no big surprise there), and I may have to defer this film until mid-January when it debuts at the newly re-opened Key Cinemas in Beech Grove. (Key Cinemas is back open as an art house for those of you who haven't heard after their brief change in format. Look for them to keep carrying edgy art films not available anywhere else including the new Landmark Art Cinema at the Fashion Mall. If I recall the article I read last week correctly, Brokeback Mountain may open at Key Cinemas before it plays at Landmark.)

*Exhibit of the Eiteljorg Fellowship for Native American Fine Art (ends Jan 29) This exhibit has received rave reviews from across the country and puts together some of the best contemporary artists working today with the common thread of Native American backgrounds and themes. (Plus, I've heard great things about the Sky City Cafe.)

*Lord of the Rings exhibition at the Indiana State Museum (ends Jan 3) I really just want to see all the geekily popular Lord of the Rings props in detail. Plus, I think it's been a great experiment at getting literally thousands of new people to the State Museum. The board took a risk on this one but I think they did the right thing!

*Memoirs of a Geisha: This one is showing in town and I'll pop out to see it this week. I loved the book and have heard the mixed reviews, but still want to take a look. Plus, I'm trying to get through most of the potential Oscar films.

*International Arts and Crafts at the IMA (ends Jan 22) I must be the only person in town who hasn't seen this exhibition, but I just haven't attended any events at the IMA for a while. But I do want to get out to see this exhibition as well as the recently re-opened contemporary galleries. I'm also kind of curious to eat at Puck's (see Feed Me/Drink Me for more.)


At Wed Dec 28, 08:22:00 AM, Anonymous Kevin said...

you are in luck. Brokeback Mountain opens tonight (Dec. 28th) at the new Landmark Theatre at the fashion mall. Don't know if/when Key Cinemas will show it but glad to see they are back to indie/art format.

Key is currently showing 'Touch the Sound' and 'Hellbent' two movies I doubt that the Landmark chain will show. I saw Hellbent yesterday. It was so bad it was good! :-)

At Wed Dec 28, 05:40:00 PM, Blogger Brian D. said...

I took my mom to see the Arts & Crafts exhibit at IMA today. We both enjoyed it. The only downside was the gift store at the end. Plenty of wonderful items, but $200 for a stained glass candlebox???

We didn't feel like paying for Pucks and ate at the IMA Cafe today. My review, though the Black Forest panini was tasty it is ultimately a grilled ham & cheese sandwich and at $6 is overpriced.

I'm hoping to hit the Lord Of The Rings exhibit at ISM as well soon.

I need to hit Key Cinemas more often. I like them, but I don't go there often enough. I'm very happy they changed back because a corporately owned art house movie theater just sounds wrong on so many levels.


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