Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bottom Line? Your Chances for Sex are Going Down

For some reason there are a lot of sex studies in the news lately. The bottom line? There are a lot of things out there conspiring against you to keep you from having sex (and I'm not just talking about the girl you can't get a date with. I'm talking about after you're, say, married, and it's supposed to be a sure thing.) If you're on the pill, watching TV, or over 50, you're screwed. Or, actually, you're not screwed. Plus, Italians? They're not having much more sex than you are.

First, an Italian sex study shows couples with a TV in the bedroom only have sex half as much as couples without the boob tube in the boudoir.

"If there's no television in the bedroom, the frequency (of sexual intercourse) doubles," said Serenella Salomoni whose team of psychologists questioned 523 Italian couples to see what effect television had on their sex lives.

On average, Italians who live without TV in the bedroom have sex twice a week, or eight times a month. This drops to an average of four times a month for those with a TV, the study found.

For the over-50s the effect is even more marked, with the average of seven couplings a month falling to just 1.5 times. The study found certain programmes are far more likely to impede passion than others. Violent films will put a stop to sexual relations for half of all couples, while reality shows stem passion for a third of couples.

And then, there's this from a recent American study. Researchers publishing in the Journal of Sexual Medicine report the results of a seven year study and find oral contraceptives (birth control pills) can reduce a woman's sex drive.

Dr. Susan Lasch, an obstetrician-gynecologist at University Hospitals in Cleveland, said the pill can latch onto some of the free-roaming sex hormones in a woman's body, limiting the chance of sparking a sex drive.

But the study doesn't say how to stay on the pill and avoid this problem, reported WEWS-TV in Cleveland.

In typical fashion, they don't note any way to fix this problem -- except to say "[you're] stuck. You know you could always try different pills and see which one may be better for you." Gee, thanks. We singletons think the grass is always greener but who knows? I think I need to start testing more of these theories myself. Maybe some field research is in order.


At Wed Jan 18, 06:54:00 AM, Blogger Kitty Velour, PlanetPassion.co.uk said...

Hmmm, TV or sex...? I know which one I'd choose - and it's not the soaps!

At Wed Jan 18, 11:41:00 AM, Blogger Christopher said...

it's nice to know I can now blame my involuntary celibacy on environmental factors beyond my control!

At Wed Jan 18, 07:37:00 PM, Blogger Brian D. said...

I guess it is a good thing I don't have a TV in my bedroom.

At Wed Jan 18, 10:15:00 PM, Blogger Erudite Redneck said...

Two double entendres!

Great head! (so to speak)


At Wed Jan 18, 10:20:00 PM, Anonymous braingirl said...

I liked the "boob tube in the boudoir" line myself.


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