Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wacky Crime Ensues

In the true-but-sad category, Indiana papers have been chock full of nuttiness lately.

Rib Roasts and Sirloins and Ham, Oh My! In Marion, a man leads police on a high-speed chase chucking hunks of stolen meat out the window as he fled. Police spent 90 minutes afterward picking up hunks of meat along the way.

City Moves to Shut Down Mistress Ann: The city files to close the business of a local Meridian-Kessler S/M Dominatrix accusing her of sexual torture. (Nuvo has profiled this woman a few times.)

Earn More! Work at Home! Police bust a woman allegedly running an illegal massage business and prostitution business from her Indianapolis home.

It's been a banner week for the undercover vice squad, however, less known was the story yesterday of three teenagers who were mugged -- one shot -- for their shoes and electronic gear. Violent crime in Indianapolis is on the rise -- up 11 percent says the IBJ this week -- while officials argue over police mergers and plan for a potentially nasty election year for Marion County Prosecutor. Whether it's the holidays or heavier media coverage, violent crime seems to becoming an issue in Marion County. I'd like to see some positive news from a few other divisions of the police force. Maybe they should reassign some vice detectives to armed robbery. They seem to be getting the job done.


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