Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Forbes Fictional 15

Forbes has released the top 15 richest fictional characters. I would have pegged Lara Croft as richer than the Howells (I mean, look at that house she has versus the Howell cruise on the SS Minnow.) And I was surprised Monty Burns doesn't fall higher on that list -- but, you know who can compete with Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor. (You know, Lex just doesn't show it, he has a Warren Buffett kind of humility except when he's out, you know, trying to destroy the world.) JR Ewing dropped off the list while Lucius Malfow debuted (as the other only non-billionaire on the list which must irritate him.) Willy Wonka was worth less than I thought -- all that R&D is *expensive*. And Santa, well, hey, that's quite an opperation he has up there.

Check out Forbes for the entire list and profiles as well as info on age, location, and net worth.

The List:

1. Santa Claus
2. Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks
3. Richie Rich
4. Lex Luthor
5. C. Montgomery Burns
6. Scrooge McDuck
7. Jed Clampett
8. Bruce Wayne
9. Thurston Howell III
10. Willy Wonka
11. Arthur Bach
12. Ebenezer Scrooge
13. Lara Croft
14. Cruella De Vil
15. Lucius Malfoy


At Fri Dec 09, 08:20:00 AM, Blogger Jim said...

How did Charles Xavier of the X-Men not make that list (okay, I'm showing my comic book geek side now).

At Fri Dec 09, 09:41:00 AM, Anonymous braingirl said...

That's a good question! I wonder if the Academy isn't a non-profit or foundation of some sort. Xavier must funnel money in or be one heck of a fundraiser with the pro-mutant business and scientific community. (Or, well, maybe defense.)


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