Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tops in Magazine Covers from the ASME

Tuesday, the American Society of Magazine Editors announced their picks for the top 40 magazine covers of the last 40 years. Full article, list and images of the top 5:

1. Naked John Lennon & Yoko, Rolling Stone, 1980 This picture was taken by Annie Leibovitz on the last day of Lennon's life and published a month later.

2. Pregnant Demi Moore, Vanity Fair, 1991 Naked and painted, we all remember this one!

3. Muhammed Ali as St. Sebastian, Esquire, 1968

4. A New Yorker's View of the World, The New Yorker, 1976

5. Andy Warhol drowning in tomato soup, Esquire, 1969

And my favorite cover they didn't pick? Texas Monthly's famous cover of Texas Governor Ann Richards on the Harley!


At Wed Oct 19, 01:23:00 PM, Blogger doghouse riley said...

I can't believe they left out the Esquire "Sonny Liston in a Santa hat".


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