Sunday, October 16, 2005

"But...But...They Might Get...Ahhh...Distracted!"

File under "only in Indiana." Dateline: Evansville -- A University of Southern Indiana professor is protesting student art hanging in a public hallway of a building his engineering department shares with the art department. The art works are drawings of a nude female figure made by a student art class that -- gasp -- show breasts! No matter. Our faculty member thinks it's not appropriate for public viewing. From channel 6: "Glen Kissel, an assistant professor of engineering, said the images would be fine in a gallery setting, but should not be displayed where people walking in the hallway can see them. "

Well, that leads us to conclude that galleries must be where art loving sickos go to get their kicks -- looking at nude women, bright colors, and even (don't tell anyone) *landscapes.* I don't know what this world is coming to with hopped up art lovers wandering common public hallways, able to take pleasure and get all, you know, excited anywhere they look. That sort of thing should be kept in private, out of the way of children and engineers. Because, you know, those impressionable young engineering majors might get, um, distracted. They might discover that there's more to life than calculus and short-sleeved shirts. They might even...hey, is that your slide rule in your pocket or are you just...oh. Never mind.


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