Monday, October 10, 2005

We're No. 5

Both the Indiana Business Journal Daily and the Star picked up this blurb from Entrepreneur magazine: Indianapolis was ranked fifth-best place to start a business in a recent study conducted with the National Policy Research Council. They based the ranking on the number of companies started in the past 4-14 years that are still in business and have at least five employees, and also on the growth of those businesses. The IBJ blurb cited Bio-Crossroads as the primary reason for our high ranking, but I'd like to think that some of the growth in the city has been related to something other than their heavily promoted (but not strongly producing) bio-tech seed fund. Phoenix was the top metro area.

In Indiana, Fort Wayne was ranked 25th for midsize cities. Among small cities, Elkhart-Goshen was 20th, Evansville was 29th and Bloomington came in at No. 36.

Oddly enough, however, Bio-Crossroads didn't bring the whole state along. Among states, Indiana was ranked 21st.


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