Thursday, October 06, 2005

Newsflash: Men Pick Sex over Food; Women Prefer Sleep

From last week's USA Weekend magazine (Yes, people do actually read those funny inserts, often women, and often while watching football on Sunday afternoon): Women prefer food to sex. In what USA Today calls a "fun, scientific" survey conducted by their crack team of researchers in conjunction with the Nobel winners over at, their "scientific survey" revealed nothing most couples don't already know.

Q: What is the most important factor in your happiness?
Sleep 51%
Food 18%
Sex 14%

Sex 34%
Sleep 26%
Food 21%

How much do I love that the average guy (even one surfing would rather have sex than sleep. Or, for that matter, eat. Speculation was that men and women both crave most what they can't have. Who knew it was so hard for men to have sex? What happened to the way to their heart was through their stomach? Sounds like it's their, um, *other* stomach. Bring it on, brotha!

PS: Same survey polled women and men over what they'd prefer on a desert island. Women picked an unlimited supply of chocolate over Brad Pitt. (What are they thinking?! It's a desert not a dessert island!) Men, more realistically, picked Angelina Jolie over a supply of unlimited burgers and beer.


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