Monday, May 09, 2005

Hello from Oklahoma!

Well, I can report that all is well out in the panhandle of Oklahoma. As close friends say, I always return from trips home with a much more pronounced Oklahoma accent, so my typing might start to sound a bit like the Erudite Redneck. (Nice to see ThePress in print in his natural newsprint habitat.)

They've had a lot of rain out here so the pastures are green. It was a beautiful drive out with lots of sky, foals in the fields with the horses, and what looks like a good calving season. (There are always more calves downstate as out here we have more feeder cattle destined to become dinner sooner, or as they call it here "beef on the hoof".)

The rodeo is over, the carnival packed up, and the trail riders are long home. Went to a very pleasant Pioneer Day Parade on Saturday morning with floats, cars, queens, and lots of riders. Almost worth the entire trip was seeing a large herd of Texas longhorn cattle being driven down main street by cowboys on all sides, so close I could have reached out and touched one of those mighty headpieces. The rodeo was terrific with tough competition from some of the nation's and even world's top cowboys right along side local Oklahoma and Texas boys just starting to make their way in the rodeo world. (You should see the rigs some of these guys drive. Part horse trailer, part RV, they're massive fifth-wheel trailers pulled by huge pickups and sometimes even tractor rigs.) Saw many, many friends and family members at a long succession of BBQs on Friday and Saturday. I've had only one meal so far that hasn't involved meat on a bun.

Yesterday, spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon catching up with an old friend and today, we're headed down to the farm in Texas to look at the wheat. We've had so much rain that everything looks good -- even dryland farms like my father's (classic problem, oil but no water).

Headed home in a few days but wanted to at least stop in and say "hello" to all. Looking forward to returning refreshed -- even if it is with a thick Oklahoma accent.


At Mon May 09, 08:57:00 PM, Blogger Erudite Redneck said...

I am envious! I love yer part of the state almost as much as my own! :-) (You can spit with a good wind out of the west and dang near hit Arkansas from Mama's house.)


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