Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm baa-aaack

I just flew in from Oklahoma City -- (altogether now) -- And boy, are my arms tired! (Ba-dump-bump.) OK, so maybe I'm still a little punchy. Actually, had a pleasant drive even with no reliable cellular service thanks to Steve Martin reading Shopgirl, a perfectly delightlful little book that I just never read even though I'm so thrilled to see Steve Martin moving into fiction. it was a really nice first effort. (Thank you, Guymon Public Library.)

So, looks like a few things are cooking. State Dems are upset (again) this time over Gov. Daniels' non-profit Aiming Higher. I'll look into this a bit more later, but at the surface, based on the Star's coverage, I'm not sure they're wrong in saying this group feels a bit more like a PAC masquerading as a non-profit. But R's had to park excess money from the campaign and inauguration somewhere. Of course, you have to read between the lines of vitriol in the quotes.

Looks like the IMA is finally moving on finding a new executive director after the resignation several months ago of star Anthony Hirschel. They'll be using Phillips Oppenheim who has placed similar museum positions although typically more specialized (but most with a heavy contemporary focus, which is good.)

Over at FeedMe/Drink Me, shortly, I'll be following up my trip with a food report. Good news: Shiner Bock. Bad news: I had only one meal that didn't involve a bun that that meal involved fried chicken.


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