Friday, April 29, 2005

Waiting for a Date

I'm waiting for a date to pick me up. Sure, I know the first reaction of many of you will be, "yeah! she's got a date!" but you know, for me, it's all about the waiting. Sometimes I think my whole life has just been about the waiting.

Why is it that we use waiting as such an excuse. "I can't get anything done I'm waiting on a call-back" or "I'm just sitting here getting pissed off because my date is late." Sometimes I have to remind myself to just grow up, get busy, and let life happen. One can spend one's whole life waiting on a date. Waiting for the guy to call. Waiting for the perfect job offer. Waiting for Mrs. Right to come along.

Lately, I've been reminded that there's a time to wait and a time to act. And right now, in my life, I'm acting. It's amazing how acting, moving, making something happen changes your whole outlook. It changes how you feel about yourself and how you feel about other people. It changes your whole perspective including how you look and how people look at you.

As with any good change, one you get a taste for it, you want it to happen. So, I'm finished waiting -- metaphorically. I'm still sitting here with a late date, but with my new attitude, I'm doing something with the time, not just waiting. Besides, I kind of like the guy, so I'm in the mood to be forgiving.


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