Friday, April 29, 2005

Pointers Pointers

As long as we're giving pointers to good postings...

Check out the Curmudgeon as he ruminates (OK, the Curmudgeon never "ruminates") on nuances. Excellent points, actually. Mmmm. Fast cars.

Also, read Duffbert's take on the Apple/Wiley ban. Honestly, without knowing how big a channel Apple stores are for Wiley, I can't make an educated comment, however, I have to assume that it's not, say, B&N. Go Wiley. I think. (Note, scroll down, I'm not coherent enough to link to the post directly.) (Duffbert, was, I think, the first to stand up to the Dave Taylor blogging challenge.) Joe Wikert has been understandably silent.

And as long as I'm pimping technology editor/writer/publisher blogs, check out former colleague Jim Minatel's blog. I love these guys, but they're all talking about the same damn thing. (Well, you know, I know it's not DST or the Michael Jackson trial.)


At Mon May 02, 05:04:00 PM, Anonymous Jim Minatel said...

Hello there Braingirl. I can't seem to find your identity anywhere on this blog but you've left me a couple of tantalizing clues. Please drop me an email, you've got my address from my blog, I'm anxious to find out if you are who I think. If not, surprise me!

Sorry about your brain. It was tasty. You know us Hoosiers, we deep fry everything.

And tomorrow, I vow to post on a different topic than Average Joe, if for know other reason than to give you something new to read. No MJ or DST for me though.

At Tue May 03, 06:17:00 AM, Anonymous braingirl said...

Mmmmm. I *love* deep fried!


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