Saturday, April 09, 2005

Monday Deadline for DST

State Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel) has to get his bill to the floor for a vote on Monday or let it die. He held off on Friday due to a close vote and a couple of absences, but once again, he's let this come down to the wire with session deadlines. The house will have to vote on SB127 Monday and let the Senate deal with the county opt-out clause which many feel is illegal. (The governor asked for and received a ruling from the federal Dept. of Transportation and they will not allow counties to individually decide.) Once passed on the House side, the Senate can consider the bill and send it to a joint conference committee. The rewritten bill will have to be passed in both chambers again. Currently, the bill would call for us to observe daylight savings time starting in April of 2006.


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