Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's The Journey, Not the Destination

And speaking of "Satisfaction", it appears that the Japanese aren't getting any, sexual satisfaction, that is. In an international study released by sociologists at the University of Chicago, men and women surveyed reported being sexually satisfied at the highest levels in Austria, Spain, Canada, Belgium, and the US. Men and women reporting the lowest levels in Thailand, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan. (Reported by the AP over the weekend.)

In Austria, 71% reported being happy or satisfied with their sex lives. In the US, that number dropped to 64.2%. But in Japan? Only 25.7% of respondents said they were sexually satisfied!

The University of Chicago folks think the rankings have to do with gender equality and the fact that people in more developed countries are better educated about sex and have a more satisfying sex life. Sure, but last I checked, Japan wasn't exactly an undeveloped country. And, at 25%, not even the *men* in Japan are sexually satisfied.

I don't think it's nearly that complicated. Maybe men in Japan need some assistance and it will be the next big market for ED drugs. (Surprise, surprise, Pfizer funded the study.) Maybe women just need to say to their partners something zen-like: "Listen, honey, it's about the journey, not the destination." Maybe they need better beds in Japan. I mean, who wants to do the horizontal mambo on a bamboo mat or lumpy futon.

I think the Japanese should do a study of their own. They should send a team of sexual researchers over to Austria and Spain to find out what Europeans know that they don't. Maybe it's the tapas or all that snow. The research team can help document best practices and bring them home again. I mean, they have snow in Japan -- and they have sushi, sort of like Japanese tapas, right? Maybe they all need to just relax, pour a couple of glasses of sake, get some scented candles, some of that warming gel, a sex-toy or two, and start improving their sex ranking. Hmmm, maybe this is about education afer all. I see a booming new market for college graduates in Japan. Forget teaching English, I want to teach *satisfaction*.


At Tue Apr 25, 07:53:00 PM, Blogger Doug said...

In Japan, it could simply be a function of population density.


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