Sunday, July 10, 2005

Pointers Pointers Pointers

I bought a new desk chair for my office and to justify the expense I'm back in the game! Here's what's happening in my world:

Over at Cerulean Blue by LawGeekGurl: Office protocol and Bush's fuzzy science all wrapped up in smart, brief posts (well, as opposed to smart briefs, I'm just guessing here).

Via the fabulous Ms. Laura Lemay at Limon (who spent way too much time, energy and effort reviewing cold brewed coffee last week), we have my new favorite blog, Fat Cyclist. My favorite part of July is watching Tour coverage live in the mornings. And reading his funny, wonderful writing.

And over at Ask Dave Taylor (same author as the Intuitive Life Business Blog) author and business expert Dave Taylor has a nice post for new writers. Inspiring even if you don't write technical books (linked through Joe Wikert's The Average Joe publishing blog.)


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