Tuesday, March 15, 2005

MJ Update Day 11

Mesereau continued his cross examination of the boy who accuses Michael Jackson of molestation. Mesereau did a good job of pulling as many loose threads as he can. While it's getting a lot of media play, it's hard to tell how much the jury will care that the kid didn't tell his school principal when called to the office. Other points:

The boy described gifts given by Jackson and taken away after the family "displeased" him. An SUV, television, etc.

More point of masturbation and alcohol consumption. The defense may have witnesses to show the boy was witnessed engaging in these activities without MJ present. The defense also focused on inconsistencies in the timeline. It's clear the Mesereau is doing a painstaking job of finding every hole he can in the story.

The jury viewed the Feb 20 "rebuttal video" made after the Feb 6 Bashir video but never aired. It's looking more and more like this is going to be "he said/he said" on the molestation charges.

Jackson showed up for court on time and dressed in a flashy red jacket with black trousers and military medals. (A UK military veterans group is protesting his use of several of them.)

I'll take complete mental breakdown for $300, Alex... : Also in UK news, a behavioral psychologist has been publishing quite a bit about the state of MJ's mental health. He predicts a complete nervous breakdown.


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