Sunday, March 13, 2005

And in other celebrity trial news...

The Michael Jackson trial antics have completely overshadowed the other big celebrity trial right now -- the Robert Blake murder trial. The jury has had the case for a week now and still has made no decision. As of Friday, they had asked for trial transcripts before adjourning for the weekend. This jury may be at an impasse. No word on how long the judge will let them deliberate with no decision before calling the case a mis-trial.

Much of the case has hinged on gunshot residue evidence. Blake was found with almost none on his hands -- inconsistent with the allegation that he fired two shots in rapid succession killing his wife, Bonny Lee Bakely in her car outside a restaurant. The state's star witness was a former stunt man named Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton who testified that Blake hired him to kill his wife. The defense discredited Hambleton as a hallucinatory methamphetamine abuser who has had several brushes with the law.


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